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Juleen & care partner/
husband Ray

Juleen and Ray

Juleen and Ray are married 36yrs this July. Juleen is from a large family of 12 Siblings.  She has two sons, Brien and Shannon O'Callaghan  and their wives Tracy and Susan, and 5 Grandchildren. 

Juleen's has her masters in Social Work and spent her working career helping Children and Families in Early Childhood Education. She hired, managed and trained many throughout her career.  It was her team approach to leadership that set her apart from many and she was respected throughout Connecticut.  She continues to help those whose challenges are even greater than hers at Maplewood Stony Hill. It's what she does. Ray owns Bethel Photoworks, a Studio/ Gallery/ Frameshop in downtown Bethel for 24yrs. Ray visits with Juleen each morning and then again after work and makes a point to bring her home to Church at St Mary''s on Sundays. 

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