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" Juleen's Team"


Help us to relieve the financial pressures of nearly 12K a month living in a Memory Care facility, Like so many families we would have preferred remaining at home but the cost of Home Care sadly negated the possibility.


This is my Story: 

In 2014 on my way to work at Education Connection my life would unimaginably change forever when my car was T Boned by a full size Truck.  As a result of that accident I suffered a  severe concussion that resulted in a permanent impairment. After 6 Months medical leave I   briefly returned to work only to realize I could no longer manage as a program leader and subsequently was forced to retire. 


In 2017 I was diagnosed with Dementia and in 2018 Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease. Through fitness, nutrition, proper sleep, music, my faith and assistance from my husband, family and friends, we did our best to delay the progression of my condition.  In February of 2022 my condition worsened to where driving even locally was no longer safe. Shortly after I had difficulty  recognizing Ray,  my husband and the rest of my family. Needing full time care in November of 2022  I moved into a room at Maplewood at Stony Hill. I thank my Care Partners, my husband, and family for all the love they've shown. 

  May God Bless you all.


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